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By accessing Super Six Investment Private Limited (website, platform, or other channeled source), you warrant that relevant laws and regulations of your jurisdiction allow you to do so. All products offered on this website are private, and they may or may not be authorized and documented by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Only prospective clients with adequate experience and knowledge regarding the potential risks of investing and trading will be given access to the products. Our services are not available for the general public (who are not concerned with investing or trading). Any material issued in connection with the offer of the products is not a Prospectus, thereby the Act of "Relation to the content of the prospectus", as defined in the Securities and Futures Act, would not apply.

The products may come along with numerous risks, including but not limited to substantial or complete loss of funds and/or loss in margins. Super Six Investment Private Limited and its subsidiaries are not liable for any type of harm or loss incurred by using our services and/or platform due to the negligence of Super Six Investment Private Limited or otherwise.

Super Six Investment Private Limited invests by maximum effort to warrant that all the information confined on this website is correct, protected, and up to date. However, we do not warrant the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the information. Stake holders are solely accountable for verifying the information present on the website.

Super Six Investment Private Limited, by its sole discretion, has the right to do any edit/modification or change in the information provided at the website, without any further notice. The information displayed may or may not be reliable for making business decisions. If the client does not agree with the revised content, the sole recourse will be to terminate the use of our services or else contact the customer support.

No information at the website acts as advice for financial investments or trading. The contents on the website is protected by Copyrights; thereby, no user is allowed to copy, edit, or change the content without the written permission from Super Six Investment Private Limited.

I have read and accept the present terms and conditions of use.

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