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About Us

Founder's Message

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Who We Are

Super Six Investment is a financial organisation based in Singapore. Since its foundation, we have affiliated with multiple financial derivative companies. In today's industry, ethical investments are the key. Our main focus is to educate our stakeholders by using healthy strategies for advanced ethical investments and pave the way for impact investments.

We provide our stakeholders with investment education and proficient teams, which help them in putting their funds in the right hands. We believe that the right investment can benefit our stakeholders. We are customer-oriented, which means we prefer customer satisfaction over competitive margins.


We have established a tie-up with global financial derivatives companies where our stakeholders' funds are deposited into fully segregated accounts. Our partners are regulated by worldwide financial regulators such as ASIC, BaFin, FMA, CNMV, FSC and CIMA. On top of that, they also offer competitive trading conditions.

What Our Logo Symbolises

The Super Six Investment logo is made up of a blue arc on the top and a yellowish brown arc at the bottom. The blue arc symbolises the limitless sky, where our success knows no boundaries. The yellowish brown arc symbolises the fertilised soil, providing the right amount of nutrients for the tree to flourish. Therefore, Super Six Investment acts as this fertilised soil. The double lines in between the two arcs represent the earth’s gateways between East and West.

The tree in the middle shows fruits of our labour. The tree has a combination of yellow, brown and green leaves and a brown bark. This shows that the tree will only flourish when proper care is given. The green leaves reflect coolness and level-headedness. This is a necessary behaviour to project when handling challenges and obstacles. Some leaves have shades of brown and yellow to represent growth, development and adaptability of Super Six Investment. The roots of the tree anchor the tree firmly to the ground and the roots will spread as much as possible to get all the nutrients the tree requires. The roots of the tree symbolises Super Six Investment staying humble and grounded no matter how great the amount of success it will have.

Abstract Paint


"We commit to responsible and sustainable investing that address important social and/or environmental issues.”



“We aim to become the preferred choice for all potential investors and traders by providing them with the latest strategies and significant education.”

Core Values



At Super Six Investment, our ultimate purpose is to achieve professionalism at its highest. We believe that only after providing professional services, we can turn our first-time clients into long-run affiliates. We are customer-oriented, and all the strategies deployed are highly efficient.



We want to become the preferred choice for first-time investors who do not have specific know-how about the industry or market trends. Our education teams are skilled in polishing the trader inside an investor. We believe in collaborating with educated stakeholders who are able to make informed decisions.



We take pride in what we do. All our personnel steps into projects with high-end integrity. Super Six Investment is open and honest in everything we do. Likewise, we expect the same from our stakeholders so that we can curate the desired program unique to every investor.



We put our efforts and strategies to do what's best for us, our stakeholders, and society. We believe that everyone's satisfaction depends on how well we carry our commitments. We have deployed effective communication systems that help us avoid any confusion or mismanagement from either side.



At Super Six Investment, we acknowledge that unity is a key requirement for working efficiently with each other. Our personnel work in conformity with the stakeholders to gain mutual trust to perform better and grow together.



Our people are essential to our success. We have a correctly oriented hierarchy at our platform, and only the finest people are chosen to work with us. All stakeholders' reviews are communicated into the workplace for improving our services.



Super Six Investment is developed by keeping a vision into consideration. Our ultimate goal is to make trading and investing a facilitating process for our stakeholders. We believe that by putting their funds in the right place, our stakeholders can earn much more than the financial margins.



We are continually working on adding or developing more service options for our stakeholders. Our educators are from reputable institutes, which helps us in keeping up with all the variations in the finance industry.



Super Six Investment takes consistency as an enforced law, which has to be met at any cost. It does not matter if a stakeholder is working with us for the first or the hundredth time; our service quality will stay consistent during every session.