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Rising Concern for Developing Nations

60% of deaths in children under the age of 5 are from waterborne illnesses, like cholera and typhoid. In addition, many girls are burdened with fetching water, and this causes them to miss school, thus decreasing their lifetime earning potential. This in turn causes a trend of downward cycle of poverty.

Their Ingenious Solution

Their product uses simple sustainable methods which does not have moving parts and is not dependent of a functioning power grid or piped water networks.

They create a woman-centric business model which allows women to earn money while doing their daily water chore.

Product Description

Blue Gold Works is a safe water enterprise that harvests and sells products derived from the Moringa tree, grown sustainably by African farmers.  They sell organic oil and honey to premium skincare brands and also produces water filters from the waste stream of the oil production.  The water filters are sold to local female “waterpreneurs” in Africa who deliver drinking water-as-a-service in their communities.

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Lynn Langford

CEO and Founder

Created and implemented a value chain improvement program at automotive giant and implemented US$640 million dollars of savings in 18 months.

Blue Gold Works
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Alex Omijeh

Director, Regional Market Development and Co-Founder

Ex-EMEA Sales director at Intelsat, one of the world's largest telecommunications satellite operator. Later, he ran his own satellite capacity brokerage company for several years.

Company Background

Blue Gold Works allows women waterpreneurs in Africa using their plant-based filter to treat and sell drinking water that is safer, less expensive, and more convenient than all competitors.  They make money by professionally managing the supply chain of added-value Moringa products (organic Moringa oil and monofloral honey) from their African farming cooperatives to Western premium skin care brands.

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