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Our Partners and
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As our trusted partner in online financial literacy education, EDX provides us with the platform to achieve our goals of providing the ease of access to quality financial literacy education. Our education consultants will work very closely with each student and curate the financial literacy programme best suited for each individual.

In the year 2020, we enrolled our student traders in courses conducted by prestigious educational institutions such as Harvard and MIT. The students received verified certificates upon completion of their courses. We have programmes already lined up to prepare them for the year 2021.

Having fully segregated client accounts, MultiBank is chosen as our trusted partner to ensure fund security.


Besides the support that these student traders are receiving from Super Six Investment, they are also able to connect with MultiBank's 24/5 technical support. This is a much needed service as novice traders will require all the technical support that they need.


We work very closely with CMT Association to provide one of the best platforms for the experienced traders who are interested to enhance their knowledge of the terminology and analytical tools used in technical analysis.


Our education consultants will provide the necessary guidance  in pursuing the path of becoming CMT certified.

In the year 2020, our students have managed to prepare themselves and complete CMT Level 1 examination.


When it comes to innovative content solutions for our student traders, WILEY is the answer.


From test preps to professional exam review courses, we consult with WILEY to give our student traders what is the best fit for their learning.


Super Six Investment believes that we should always be ready to advise our student traders  on how to professionally jump-start their  need to succeed.