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Aim of Project

A switch to fusion energy can bring peace to humanity because when energy becomes nearly free, resource wars will no longer play a central role in our global economy and finance. 


Just as fossil fuels lifted the global standard of living because its energy density was far higher than energy from wood, fusion energy, with millions of times higher energy density can revolutionize human society, providing a decent standard of living for every person, while maintaining a sustainable global ecology. 

Clean Energy

LPPFusion’s nuclear fusion energy R&D project will produce safe and clean energy without any radioactive waste. Their project was initially funded by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It is now backed by over 500 private international investors including the Abell Foundation of Baltimore. LPPFusion’s patented technology and peer-reviewed science are guiding the design of their fusion energy based visions of future; a future where humans and planet come before profits. Fusion energy generators can produce virtually unlimited source of environmentally clean energy thanks to the energy density of the novel, aneutronic pB11 fuel.

LLP Fusion

Eric Lerner

President and Chief Scientist

Eric Lerner has been active in dense plasma focus (DPF) research for 30 years. Beginning in 1984, he developed a detailed quantitative theory of the functioning of DPF. Based on this theory, he proposed that the DPF could achieve high ion and electron energies at high densities, suitable for advanced fuel fusion and space propulsion. Under a series of contracts with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, he planned and participated in carrying out experiments that tested and confirmed this theory. In addition, he developed an original model of the role of the quantum magnetic field effect on DPF functioning, showing that this effect could have a large effect on increasing ion temperature and decreasing electron temperature, which would reduce unwanted X-ray cooling of the plasma. 

Company Background

LPPFusion (Lawrenceville Plasma Physics Fusion) Inc. is a company providing research and development services intended to work on Focus Fusion technology. The company specializes in developing a non-radioactive nuclear fusion reactor, energy source based on aneutronic fuels and the dense plasma focus devices

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