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What are sorbents?

Sorbents are commonly used for oil and chemical spill clean-up and come in a variety of forms; powders, pads, pillows, booms, etc.  Sorbents can also be used to improve customer and worker safety by absorbing spills that could create slip and fall hazards.

It is estimated that approximately 706 million gallons of oil enter the ocean every year.  This usually occurs due to accidental spills, leaks, careless disposal or storage of oils, atmospheric deposition, and stormwater runoff from cities and farms.


The kinds of sorbents used to clean up these spills, such as rolls, powders and pads, depend on the characteristics of the oil and the type of environment involved. For spills in water, synthetic sorbents are preferred over natural sorbents, because they float and can absorb more hydrocarbons relative to their own weight.

However, most synthetic sorbents used to address these spills are manufactured from virgin petroleum based materials, whose production only causes more harm to the environment.


Why are Earthwise sorbents different?

Earthwise Sorbents offers an array of highly effective sorbent products, made from recycled and repurposed foam and fabric materials. Earthwise Sorbents repurposes polyurethane wastes into high performance absorbent pillows and recycles plastic and polypropylene wastes from other large vendors into melt-blown pads, sweeps, and booms. This reduces the carbon footprint of manufacturing their products and gives foam and fabric wastes a second life as environmental clean-up products.

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Jim Mullen


Jim is a senior level business executive and life-long entrepreneur with extensive experience launching and growing businesses, organizational structure, investment, branding, delivering solid ROI, revenue growth, P&L development and executing creative marketing strategies. As president and founder of Earthwise, Jim has spoken nationally and internationally about sustainability in the oil-spill clean-up industry, cultivated a diverse and strategic network of potential clients, negotiated a manufacturing partnership with NPS, and built the Earthwise team.


Andrew Jakubowski


Andrew is an accomplished business executive and entrepreneur with experience in sales, start-up ventures, product development, use of sustainable materials in manufacturing, and developing efficient business practices and operations. He oversees operations and logistics at Earthwise and is also developing its business infrastructure and sales procedures. As CEO & COO, Andrew's goal is to have Earthwise Sorbents become the sorbent industry’s leading brand for sustainable products.


Marty Gilchrist

Secretary & Director

Marty is a highly skilled business executive and manager with experience in sales, revenue and strategic growth, product development and design, national and international product distribution, business operations, innovative marketing campaigns and networking. He serves on the Board of Directors for Earthwise Sorbents and in that role he provides strategic oversight and advice to the Earthwise team.

Marty's primary occupation is being the CEO of Arctic Foam, Foam Corp Inc., and Free Foam. He works 40-60 hours specifically for Earthwise.

Company Background

Founded in the year 2018, the Earthwise team is comprised of seasoned business executives,  entrepreneurs, scientists and athletes who are passionate about protecting Earth’s oceans and freshwater resources.

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