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What is kelp?

Kelp - a brown macroalgae - is overflowing with Vitamins such as Vitamins A, B6, E, K, as well as Zinc, Calcium, Folate, Potassium, & Iron.


Kelp is also one of the best sources of Iodine that helps to support a healthy thyroid and metabolism. Seaweeds support your body’s ability to absorb water!

Product Description

Their vision is to create a platform of clean-label, meat-alternative products including Kelp Nuggets, Kelp Sausages, Kelp Crabcakes, Kelp Balls, and more that are sold online, in retail, and through food service and restaurants around the world.

Their Supply Chain

Kelp farming is a zero-input crop that requires no fresh water, no fertilizer, no feed, and no arid land to grow. Kelp also filters carbon and nitrogen from the water, and creates new jobs for the coastal communities. They source their seagreens from a network of regenerative ocean farms along the Northeast coast of the USA. The first seaweed they are working with is a varietal of Kelp called Saccharina Latissima.


Courtney Boyd Myers

CEO, CMO and Founder

An entrepreneur, environmentalist, and journalist, Courtney started in the industry as an adviser to GreenWave, helping to support the ocean-farming supply chain. In 2017, she asked GreenWave founder Bren Smith, "What can I really do to help this industry take off?" And he said, "We need your help creating a consumer market for kelp." So she set out to make "Kelp the New Kale".

Company Background

Akua was founded in 2017 by Courtney Boyd Myers. They create a new wave of plant-based cuisine from ocean-farmed kelp: the most sustainable source of food on Earth. They aim to change the world's perception of sustainable seafood by working with the plants that grow just beyond the shoreline of every coast in the world.

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